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Forgarn is an unspun 2-ply pencil roving semi-finished yarn, meaning that the wool has been carded and divided into strands, but has not yet been spun.  The yarn is wound in cakes with two parallel strands of very light and fluffy wool.  Unspun yarn is fragile and breaks easily, however when knitted it magically becomes a strong and durable fabric, while still retaining its lightness and airiness.  If the thread does break, simply juxtapose the broken ends for a few centimetre and continue to knit. The long fibres then hold the yarn together once it has been knitted and the join is invisible.

While it is possible to knit one single strand only, it is recommended to knit both strands knitted together, which not only makes knitting easier, but results in a stronger fabric.  Some knitters also like to add a strand of spun yarn for extra stability.  Any kind of yarn can be used, preferably a thin yarn such as Hillesvåg Solje or Jamieson and Smith Shetland Heritage Naturals.  This pre-spun yarn can also be used for hand-spinning.

The yarn is available in seven natural, undyed shades as well as four dyed shades and is sold in cakes of approximately 200g, however please note that due to the manufacturing process, weights can vary from 150g to 220g.  Just 2 skeins should be enough to knit an average-sized ladies' sweater.  Due to the large sizes of the cakes, this yarn is delivered without labels.

Please also see our blog post for more information and pattern ideas for this yarn.


Country of origin:  Norway

Fibre:  100% Norwegian wool

Type:  Unspun yarn, knits to worsted or aran with 2 strands

Weight:  approx. 200gm

Length:  approx. 190m to 100g (2 strands together)

Needle size:  4 - 6mm

Gauge:  With 4mm approx. 18 sts, with 5mm approx. 16 sts, with 6mm approx. 14 sts = 10cm

Care:  Handwash only

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