About us

Laine des Îles is a small, one-person, independent business based in Brittany, France. The company was born out of my passion for knitting and beautiful natural yarns, but also more than that. We live today in a world of ever-increasing globalisation and homogenisation, a world where big corporations control so much of the world’s farming and manufacturing. While our crops and farm animals are being genetically modified to yield ever-bigger profits, we are in danger of losing part of our heritage as older varieties become rarer and rarer. My aim with Laine des Iles is to help in my own small way to preserve some of this heritage by choosing yarns that are made from the fleeces of traditional sheep breeds, often from one specific breed only. The yarns are carefully selected for their quality and beauty, but I have also tried to choose yarns which have been produced by smaller, local businesses, with respect for the environment and the well-being of the animals. These are all yarns that I love and I hope that you will enjoy them too!

Why Laine des Iles?

Fair Isle knitting from the Shetland Islands of Scotland, Aran knitting from the Aran Isles of Ireland, Faroese and Icelandic knitting, the Guernsey sweaters of the Channel Islands – many of our best-loved and oldest knitting traditions have their origins on islands. There is a long history of sheep-rearing and wool on the islands of northern Europe, and today they are the source of some of our most beautiful yarns. By buying these yarns, we are helping to keep these traditions and these ancient breeds alive.  Every yarn in my shop is linked to an island - whether by the breed of sheep, the origin of the yarn or of the mill where it is spun.... and sometimes all three.  All yarns are 100% pure wool (except summer yarns containing linen, cotton etc.).  By choosing these yarns, we hope to help preserve our traditions and our heritage sheep breeds.