Laxtons is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of worsted yarns.  The company, based in Yorkshire, England, was a pioneer in the industry when it was founded in 1907 by George Laxton and Gordon Holmes.  Until the 1970s, the company was mainly involved in producing yarns for weaving.  It was not until the 1970s that the company began producing hand-knitting yarns.  Today Laxtons remains at the forefront of the specialist yarn industry, with unrivalled experience, expertise and commitment to innovation, producing yarns for machine knitting and woven garments for many high-end customers.  Today, however, Laxtons is best known for its knitting yarns.  It supplies bespoke yarns to hand-knitting companies around the world, and also offers ready-to-use undyed yarns for the hand-dyeing market.  Despite this success, Laxtons remains a relatively small family business, committed to supporting British farmers and local production in the UK, high standards of animal welfare, traceability and sustainability.