Snaeldan Nappað Tógv 5 ply - Natural Shades 100g


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This high quality yarn is produced in the Faroe Islands from a mixture of Faroese wool and Falklands merino wool.  The lanolin-rich Faroese wool is firstly combed to remove all the coarse outer hairs of the fleece.  The resulting wool is known in Faroese as nappað tógv, which is very soft.  This is then blended with the merino for further added softness.  This is a sturdy yarn which gives excellent stitch definition, and is available in range of natural colours.  A truly unique and beautiful yarn. 

Snaeldan 2-ply is equivalent to a heavy Aran or chunky yarn.

Country of origin:  Faroe Islands

Fibre:  100% Wool

Type:  Aran or chunky

Weight:  100gm

Length:  150m

Needle size:  6- 8mm

Care:  Handwash


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