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Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight Lace Weight

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This yarn is woollen spun from the finest real Shetland wool mixed with 50% lambswool to make a smoother yarn and to tame the Shetland "halo".  Traditionally used in Shetland lace haps (shawls) and scarves, this yarn is also perfect for light garments such as summer sweaters.  It can also be used in vintage patterns which call for "3-ply" yarns.  It has a crisp finish once washed and excellent stitch definition.


Country of Origin: Scotland (Shetland Islands)

Fibre: 50% Shetland Wool / 50% Lambswool

Type: 2 ply

Weight: 25gm

Length: 169m / 185yds

Needle size: 2.5mm - 3.75mm (depending on pattern)

10cm (examples):  28st x 32r on 3.75mm stocking stitch, 24st x 36r on 3mm lace pattern

Care: Handwash


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