Making Stories

Making Stories Magazine No. 4

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Making Stories Magazine is a German magazine (but published in English) that aims to showcase companies and makers who centre their work around sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity, tell their stories, educate and inspire crafters and enable them to make informed decisions.

Making Stories shares scenes that tell not just one story, knitwear that is shown on more than one body type, pieces that are being worn as we’d wear them in our everyday life. It publishes pieces from a diverse range of voices, is interested in exploring and learning from different perspectives and strengthening our community.

Issue 4 is an invitation to take a look at the craft we love and share as a way of challenging the status quo, changing standards that no longer serve us and, yes, subverting the norm.  In it you'll find 10 accessory and garment patterns that do just that by introducting us to a new technique, a unique construction method or a brave design inspiration.  Stories about body image, size inclusivity and queer identity invite you to sit down, read and question.

Patterns by: ash alberg, Julie Robinson, Marina Skua, Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, Renate Kamm, Julia Exner, Sari Nordlund, Crystal Hiatt, Maria Muscarella


What's so special about it?

Making Stories is a completely ad-free knitting magazine. Making Stories believes in preserving its independence when it comes to deciding who it features and works with by not accepting any ads for this magazine.

Making Stories is printed on 100% recycled paper, one of the few that is certified not only with the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, but also with the Blauer Engel cerfificate.

Production and fulfilment is kept as local as possible - the magazine is printed by Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte, the first printer to be certified with the Blauer Engel, and with Urbanmail as its shipping partner, both located in Berlin, home of Making Stories.

Language: English, 132 pages