Making Stories

Making Stories Magazine No. 9 - In Bloom

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Making Stories Magazine is a German magazine (but published in English) that aims to showcase companies and makers who centre their work around sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity, tell their stories, educate and inspire crafters and enable them to make informed decisions.

Making Stories shares scenes that tell not just one story, knitwear that is shown on more than one body type, pieces that are being worn as we’d wear them in our everyday life. It publishes pieces from a diverse range of voices, is interested in exploring and learning from different perspectives and strengthening our community.


For Issue 9, Making Stories invites us to explore secret gardens, to breathe in deeply, to delight at that peony that's just starting to bloom....

Wandering through that arch overgrown with roses in full bloom, we are filled with wonder at the beauty and intricacy of the flowers and curiousity to see which hidden treasures the next steps hold for us.

Each flower a different shade, each petal a marvel.  From bud to bloom, from earth to sky, a never-ending cycle of life.


Designs by:   Anne Ginger, Ayano Tanaka, Barbara Gottwik, Emma Ducher, Julia Exner, Kjerstin Rovetta, Makenzie Alvarez, Maria Magnusson, Marie Régnier, Natalia Milas, Pelin Akbaba, Valerie Rachel


What's so special about it?

Making Stories is printed on 100% recycled paper with a coated finish to make the photos really stand out.

Production and fulfilment is kept as local as possible - the magazine is printed by Königsdruk in Berlin, a family-run printer with a focus on sustainability.

Shipped to retailers by the DHL Green delivery service, offsetting all carbon emissions occuring through shipping.

Language: English, 136 pages