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Bluestockings by Kate Davies

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This beautiful book - co-edited by Kate Davies and Nicole Pohl - is a celebration of the group of 18th-century learned women known as the Bluestockings, with a wide-ranging exploration of sock and stocking knitting.

The book's first section features different perspectives on the history of socks and stockings, from expert contributors like Susan North (curator of 18th-century fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London) and Sonja Bargielowska (of John Arbon Textiles).  In the book's second section, essays about creative 18th-century women such as Mary Delan and Phillis Wheatley Peters are accompanied by contemporary toe-up patterns for socks and stockings.  Among our Bluestocking-inspired designs you'll find openwork and texture, stripes, chevrons, stranded colourwork, and a go-to sock and stocking recipe named for taleneted 18th-century classicist (and knitter) Elizabeth Carter.  Setting top tips about knitting toe-up socks alongside an exploration of historic dyestuffs, and bringing groundbreaking women writers together with accessible, wearable design, this lavishly illustrated volume offers and exciting in-the-round combination of material history, contemporary making, and early feminism.

As a bonus, Kate has included in the collection a shawl pattern previously published in the book "The Book of Haps".

Contributors:  Kate Davies, Sonja Bargielowska, Kristina Decker, Elizabeth Eger, Susan North, Nicole Pohl, Isabella Whitworth


Softback, 120 pages
Langue:  anglais