Making Stories

Making Stories Magazine No. 10 - Heirloom

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Making Stories Magazine is a German magazine (but published in English) that strives to create wearable collections of knitwear that you’ll love and wear for years and years to come. The featured yarns are all produced with utmost care for our planet and its inhabitants, be they human or non-human. Making Stories hopes to inspire you to make conscious and informed decisions about what you make, with which materials, and with a lot of joy in your heart.

Moving into their 10th issue, Making Stories would love to explore a theme that is at the very heart of their project: to make something we’ll love and wear for years to come.  In a word: Heirloom.

The designers have drawn inspiration from beloved heirlooms that were passed down to them or by the things they cannot wait to wear over and over again.  Appropriately for this theme, all designs in this issue are modelled by the editor, Hanna Lisa, and her mother.

Designs by:   Andrea Gaughan, Barbara von Stieglitz, Bernadette Hassett, Caroline Blay, Fiona Alice, Izabela
Grzybek, Jennifer Brou, Julia Exner, Maren Odenthal, Susanna Kaartinen, Terri Maue


What's so special about it?

Making Stories is printed on 100% recycled paper with a coated finish to make the photos really stand out.

Production and fulfilment is kept as local as possible - the magazine is printed by Königsdruk in Berlin, a family-run printer with a focus on sustainability.

Shipped to retailers by the DHL Green delivery service, offsetting all carbon emissions occuring through shipping.


Language: English, 136 pages