Rauma Vandre 50g


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Vandre is spun from 100% Norwegian wool, of which 50% is from the Spaelsau sheep.  The Spaelsau is one of the oldest Norwegian sheep breeds, and the use of its fleece goes back at least to the Viking age, when the wool was used not only for cloth but also to weave the sails of the ships that carried the Vikings and their sheep to the islands of the North Atlantic.  Today their descendants include Icelandic and Faroese sheep, and like them the Spaelsau is a double-coated sheep, with a coarse, weather-resistant outer coat and a softer, insulating inner coat.  The Spaelsau fleece has long fibres, which makes for a more durable yarn, particularly suitable for socks and hiking clothese.  The word "vandre" means "hike" in Norwegian.

Socks knitted with Vandre should be machine-washed before use (at 40o for a maximum of 1 hour).  This helps the fibres to "settle" and felt slightly, which increases wear resistance and makes the socks more dirt-repellent.  In addition, your socks will become softer and fluffier!  Shape socks while still wet and dry flat.  For subsequent washes it is preferable to hand-wash.  Do not tumble dry.

Please note:  for a pair of womens socks you will need 2-3 balls, for a pair of mens socks you will need 3-4 balls (depending on foot size and length).

Like all of our sock yarns, Vandre is a 100% wool, all-natural yarn with no superwash treatment and no added nylon.

Country of origin:  Norway

Composition:  100% Norwegian wool

Category:  Sport

Length: 120m

Weight:  50g

Recommended needle size:  3.5mm

10cm = 20 sts

Care:  Machine wash at 30-40o / Handwash