Kate Davies Designs

Inkling by Kate Davies


An “inkling” might be regarded as the very beginning of a thought....

Inkling is a collection of 15 creative projects - which all have their roots in small ideas.  After an inspiring artistic residency with a group of Mexican designer-makers (supported by Applied Arts Scotland and the British Council), Kate took up inkle weaving, and found that the process of learning a new skill revitalised her creative process.  The collection includes 11 patterns for hand-knitting and 4 simple projects to weave on an an inkle loom (or backstrap loom).  The book also includes an introductory essay, in which Kate explores the impact of stepping outside of one's creative comfort zone and making work with a beginner's mind.  Designed and photographed over the course of 2020, this is a fresh, joyful and colourful collection.

Inkling's projects are designed for lightweight knitting or weaving (perfect for Spring and Summer) and are suitable for a wide range of 4 Ply and Fingering weight yarns.

* An inkle loom is a type of small tabletop loom that produces woven ribbon or tape, suitable for making belts, braces and similar objects.


Softcover, 104 pages
English language