Kate Davies Designs

Sark by Kate Davies


In the Scots language, the word "sark" has several meanings: as a noun it can mean a simple shirt or chemise, or the supporting structure of a roof or building; as a verb it can mean to clothe, or it can mean to line or to underpin.  It is then an essential layer, the foundation of any outfit.  In her new collection, Kate has created 12 foundational designs with structure and simplicity at their heart. Inspired by American designer Norah Gaughan's book "The Twisted Stitch Sourcebook", these designs feature a technique of twisting stitches that produces fabric with a beautifully textured and embossed appearance, but easy to knit and to wear.

In this book you will find 3 sweaters, 3 cardigans, a cosy wrap and several quick-to-knit one-skein accessory projects.  The book also includes a collection of thought-provoking monochrome images by Kates' partner Tom Barr, exploring ideas of pattern and structure in the natural world and the built environment.

Yarn suggestions:  the patterns in this book have been designed using Kate Davies' own yarn Ooskit, available only directly from her online shop.  A very good substitute, which knits to the same tension and also has the excellent stitch definition needed for these patterns would be either our own 100% BFL Pennine DK or West Yorkshire Spinners 100% BFL Fleece DK.

Softcover book, 113 pages
Language:  English
Ravelry download code included