Changes to delivery options



This month we are starting a collaboration with the delivery company Mondial Relay on a beta test of a new module for the website. We already offer delivery to pick-up points (points relais) to customers in Belgium and Luxembourg, but this will now also be extended to French and Spanish customers too. The module will allow you to choose your preferred pick-up point when you choose Mondial Relay as your delivery method.

If you wish to use this service, then after completing your payment, you will be directed to another screen where you may choose your preferred pick-up point. Please make sure that you wait for this screen before leaving the site.

However, customers in France please note:

The period of the test is until the end of September 2018. The Mondial Relay shipping option will be available to you until that time. However, we cannot guarantee that we can continue to offer it to French customers after that date. Mondial Relay does not collect, so we need to deliver parcels to a delivery point. The nearest delivery point to Laine des Iles is 15km away, and it is unfortunately not possible for us to deliver parcels there every day. We will do our best to send out all parcels within 2-3 days, but if you choose Mondial Relay as your shipping method, then please note that your delivery may take a little longer than usual.

In September we will review the test, and decide if it has worked for us, and if it is possible to continue offering the service to French customers. As the volume of orders from customers outside France is much smaller, it will continue to be available to customers outside France, where applicable.

We have also added more options for customers outside France, giving you more choice and also reducing several tariffs.

**PLEASE NOTE: Until the end of August we are offering free Mondial Relay shipping to customers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg for all orders over €39! Thereafter free shipping from €59.**

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