Aurinkokehrä - a new hand-dyed yarn from Finland




After having introduced 4 new yarns, as well as several new books and the Addi CraSy Trio needles into the range in May, we hadn’t intended to add any more new lines until the new season begins in September. However, sometimes you just can’t resist temptation! At Le Fil de la Manche we came across a beautiful, hand-dyed yarn Finnish yarn which we just had to have. If you really value sustainable and completely ecological products, then this is the yarn for you. Plus it is wonderfully soft and comes in a range of beautiful colours too!

Aurinkokehrä is a one-woman business run by textile designer and lecturer Anna Vasko from her home in the Finnish archipelago. Anna is particularly interested in matters of sustainability and the environment, and it was her goal to produce a safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly yarn, a product of which she would know every step of the production process. Anna’s experience in textiles made her aware that the textile and garment industry is one the world’s most polluting industries, and she chooses only natural, mostly organic dyes for her beautiful hand-dyed, 100% Finnish yarns.

Aurinkokehrä is a worsted spun, hand-dyed, fingering weight yarn made entirely from Finnish wool, of which at least 70% is from the Finnsheep breed. The Finnsheep is unusual amongst northern European short-tail breeds in that its wool is particularly soft, with a well-defined crimp and a lustre usually only found in longwool breeds. The Finnsheep can vary in colour from white right through to black, and the range of natural shades create the base for the Aurinkokehrä colour palette. All the dyes used in the production of this yarn are ethically and ecologically produced by a company in France, and most of them are GOTS certified. Dyes are fixed using alum, a non-toxic mordant. A beautiful, soft and completely ethical hand-dyed yarn.


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